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Detroit Metro Times: A taste of five restaurants in northwest Detroit’s small but mighty Jamaican co

A huge thanks to Tom Perkins for sharing our story with the Detroit Metro Times! Below is an excerpt, and you can find the full story here.

“Though Detroit doesn’t hold the sizable population of Jamaican transplants that you’ll find in New York City or Toronto, the northwest part of town is where to go to taste intensely piquant dishes redolent of allspice and garlic; thyme and scallion; scotch bonnet and ginger; and all the other components of the tropical nation’s flavor profile.

That’s where restaurants like Jamaica Jamaica and Rono’s started trading in jerk chicken 35 to 40 years ago. Caribbean Citchen, a fast-turnaround space, is in its 17th year. Others came and went over the decades, while Mama Rose at Jamaican Pot started building up a reputation for healthy, fresh Jamaican fare in 2014. On Livernois, Mama Nezaa Bandele is planning to turn her vegan Jamaican-inspired food company Paradise Natural Foods into a brick and mortar restaurant, and several grocery stores selling Jamaican and Caribbean foods are scattered throughout northwest Detroit.”

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