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Nezaa Bandele has been a natural food chef and community health educator for several decades, specializing in plant-based, vegan, vegetarian cuisine and clean seafood and poultry...  Her catering company Paradise Natural Foods is well known in the Metropolitan Detroit community for creating healthy food that represents her Caribbean roots and creative dishes from the global table.  She is passionate about embracing food as a carrier of cultural values, and as a storytelling vehicle, as it migrates across borders to form a mashup of eclectic modern taste profiles. Her food convinces clients that healthy cuisine can be satisfying and delicious.

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Paradise Natural Foods

At Paradise Natural Foods we love to listen to the stories of our community and share our own, curating them through the cuisines we prepare for our customers.  With each bite, we hope you can find yourself on our plate, either as a nod or homage to tradition. Chef Nezaa, or Mama Nezaa, as she is more often called, is Jamaican by birth, Canadian by citizenship and a Detroiter by choice.  She is keenly aware that we carry our home in our hearts as we immigrate or travel to other countries and places. Her food is a reminder that home can always be found wherever you are. And as she has made Detroit her home, her style has become a diversity of homegrown American cuisine, the myriad of countries and cultures that can be found even in our own city and also inspired by the people and places she has visited internationally.

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“It has been a pleasure to work with Nezaa Bandele and Paradise Foods for the past several years at the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network's annual D-Town Farm Harvest Festival. Nezaa has conducted learn shops that both lift up the cultural traditions of western hemispheric Africans and equip participants with the knowledge and skills to prepare various dishes from those traditions.  Additionally, her food booth at our annual festival is always a favorite with festival attendees. Her mango cobbler has become legendary! It is rare and wonderful to work with a caterer who has deep cultural knowledge, uses high-quality foods and prepares vegan dishes that are delicious!.”

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