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Eater Detroit: Paradise Cafe Is Bringing Vegan Food With Caribbean Flavors to Livernois

A huge thanks to Brenna Houck for sharing our story with the Eater Detroit! Below is an excerpt, and you can find the full story here.

“COMING ATTRACTIONS — Three new restaurants are heading to Northwest Detroit and Hamtramck. Clock Fine Food in Hamtramck is in the process of being renovated for an as-of-yet unnamed Yemeni restaurant. The city will also gain a “California-style burger” spot near Conant and Commor Street. Meanwhile, a Caribbean-influenced vegan restaurant, Paradise Cafe & Juice Bar, is popping up 18 Church St. in Highland Park in preparation for a summer opening. The brick-and-mortar location will be located near Seven Mile and Livernois around the University District. Founder Nezaa Bandele’s menu features dishes like Jamaican jerk barbecue burgers, yam fries, roasted veggie lasagna, and more.”

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